Using a consultant to develop a defense theme for your case

A defense to a criminal case has a theme. Otherwise, your defense is going to be a haphazard series of arguments that may wind up confusing the jury. This theme should be developed as early as possible so that the investigation and the motion practice can help gather evidence to reinforce this theme. A sex crimes consultant can help you review the evidence to not only establish a theme but to come up with a plan to establish this theme through a variety of method. We call this plan a battleplan because we view every case as a war. Every war is carefully scripted out but anyone that has ever fought one knows that this plan is nearly impossible to stick to 100%. Nevertheless, having a plan that is deviated from is far better than not having a plan at all.


While you can use your consultant to develop the theme right before trial, it will be much easier to hire the consultant in the beginning of the case to develop the theme from the start. If you do this right before trial, you will have to work with what you have. Once the theme is developed, you will want to look at every single aspect of the trial and make sure that the theme is present in every question, comment, motion, etc. Again, the consultant will be able to help you do this so that you have more input into your own trial.  If you need a Child Sex Crime Consultant for your case, call us today.

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