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Mercer County Child Molestation Lawyer Helps Client Escape Charges


Mercer County


This was a tough case because the client was accused of molesting his young son who happened to be autistic. Statistics show that children who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder are much more likely to be molested than other children. Furthermore, the mother of the child was actively pushing the investigation. The client hired our team of aggressive child molestation defense lawyers before he did or said anything to anyone. The investigation was jointly coordinated by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s office and the Mercer County DYFS office. Our lawyers spent a lot of time working with one of the detectives from the child abuse unit on the investigation. It took us three months, but in the end, our lawyers received word that no charges would be filed against the client. Likewise, the DYFS case would be closed as well. Thus, the client was never arrested and his visitation was never impacted.


Mercer County Child Molestation Lawyer