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Union County Child Pornography Lawyer Wins Distribution Case at Trial


Union County


This client was charged with distribution of child pornography as well as possession of child pornography. This was a tough case for our team of computer crime lawyers because the client gave a damaging statement and the State had one of their best prosecutors on the case. In fact, at trial, they had two prosecutors to go up against just one of our lawyers. Our lawyers might be outnumbered but we are never outgunned. We took the case to trial and the jury acquitted the client of both child pornography distribution counts. Our strategy was to concede the child pornography possession count so as to not lose credibility with the jury. However, we apparently did so good that the jury hung on this charge. An acquittal of a child pornography distribution charge, especially where the client gives a statement, is extremely rare in New Jersey. This case is just one of a small handful of such victories.


Union County Child Pornography Lawyer