Ocean County Sexual Assault Lawyer Helps Client Avoid Criminal Charges


Ocean County


In this case, the client was faced with a criminal and DYFS investigation for allegedly molesting his daughter. Complicating the matter was that the client did make a statement before he hired us. While not exactly an admission, some of his statement were damaging as he indicated that the allegations may be true. Since both cases had already started before our lawyers had a chance to get involved, we had to fight fast and hard to get them both dismissed. As is typical, our child molestation defense lawyers first focused on the criminal investigation and we were able to get that shut down. No criminal charges were filed against the client. Our attorneys then focused their attention on the DYFS case. That too was dismissed a few weeks later. As a result, our client never lost custody of the child and was never substantiated for sexual abuse.


Ocean County Sexual Assault Lawyer

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