Warren County Sexual Assault Lawyer Helps Client Avoid Criminal and DYFS Charges


Warren County.


This was another tough case because the client did a ton of damage to his case prior to our lawyers being involved. His teenage daughter accused him of molesting her over several years. Once again, our defense was the the child was coached. However, his statement may have already sunk his chances for a dismissal, especially since DYFS had already substantiated him. Thus, we had to deal with a criminal investigation and a DYFS OAL appeal. However, DYFS would not allow us to appeal the case because of the pending criminal case.


Thus, we had to fight hard against DYFS just so that we can file the appeal! We were right and they were wrong and we had to go to some of their top lawyers to convince them that we were right. Both cases took quite some time. It took at least six months for the prosecutor’s office to finally admit that they were going to close the investigation and not charge our client. It took well over a year after that to finally get word that DYFS would be reversing their finding of sexual abuse against the client. Thus, our client was officially cleared of all allegations in both investigations.


Warren County Sexual Assault Lawyer

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